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Now in our 37th year, and after maintaining two separate websites since the beginnings of the Web, this simpler site will slowly be changed into being a "Lily Archive" and information/educational site.

Only our Top 20 Most Popular Lilies, out of hundreds over the years, are now directly available for purchasing here.

Our main site bdlilies.com is far more comprehensive, with over 100 more cultivars available for planting this spring. Simply click on the above link to be transferred to our home site.

Bob and Dianna Gibson own and have direct control over both sites, however as technology becomes more complex, and we continue to expand our farming activities, it has become necessary to condense the workload a bit, to ensure enough time for updating Blog and Facebook postings. We answer emails throughout the day and into the early evening, so if you have a question, don't hesitate to write either of us a note. Our email address can be found at the bottom of each page and we'll answer as quickly as possible.

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This page has a nice cross section of Asiatic, Oriental, Orienpet (Oriental-Trumpet Hybrids)and even a Lilium species (wild lily) for a sampler of different types, suitable for a new lily garden or to just order a few as gifts.
Gift Certificates + New Catalog
Order a gift certificate and we'll tuck one of the new catalogs into the priority mail envelope, plus hand write your greeting on the certificate. We can mail certificates to you for wrapping or directly to the recipient. B&D Lilies ships to the lower 48 states, plus Alaska.
B&D Lilies - Find your USDA Hardiness Zone
When researching your location, bear in mind that the map lines are not absolute and each garden has it's own unique micro-climate. Neighborhoods with more trees blocking the wind, hills that "drain" away moisture faster, concrete bulkheads, sidewalks and driveways that tend to collect heat, as well as southern exposures will allow you to grow plants that might not be recommended for your area. The general guidelines are based on average low temperature.
Pure Organic Catnip - 3 packages
Extra-pungent! Order year-round for feline fun! No shipping charge if we can simply enclose catnip with your bulb order. Kitty needs catnip right away? Please add $5 for postage and mailer, otherwise we'll simply enclose it with your bul border at no additional cost.

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