Stately Plants for Midsummer Bloom

• Perfumed Trumpets
Trumpets and Aurelians bloom in July and have a heavy, perfumed fragrance - a perfect transistion between early-flowering Asiatic lilies and the spicy-scented Oriental lilies. These lily bulbs grow best in areas of moderate winter temperatures.

Although they will survive most Midwestern winter with additional protection, buds could be damaged in severe late frosts (down past 20 degrees). Choose Oriental-Trumpet (Orienpet) varieties if this is a concern for you. Most areas do not need to mulch plants for the winter, just provide a well-drained location. Trumpets and Aurelians do not require as much winter chill to reset the bulb for flowering, and can therefore be grown deep into the southern states with success.

Click here to be transferred to our main site Trumpet / Aurelian Hybrid Page for a full listing of these Lilies available for Spring 2016 planting: Trumpet / Aurelian Page

Staking Trumpet Lilies: Although most of the Trumpet lilies, and many Aurelians do not require staking the first year of planting, as they are typically only one-half to two-thirds their mature height the first summer, you may want to plan for a support later. Position a 12 inch wooden stake next to the bulb when planting, and if support is needed later, it can be replaced with a sturdy 4 foot stake without fear of damage to the bulb.

Clone vs. Strain: Clones are genetically identical; flower and bloom habit will not vary from plant to plant. A strain is a group of seedlings produced from similar hybrid crosses, or grown from bulblets taken from "mama" bulbs which are similar in appearance or breeding; the plants vary in appearance or bloom habit.

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