Lily bulbs from B&D Lilies® are garden tested. Orienpet lily bulbs, Trumpet, Orientals and Asiatic lilies, when planted in spring, will bloom spectacularly this coming summer.

2005 Lily Evaluation Form

Trial Bulbs - Evaulation Form
Item# eval05

Lily Bulb Description

From time to time, we add a FREE Test Bulb to fall delivered orders for gardeners in certain areas of the USA to trial and provide feedback on growth, color and the like.

Additionally, at the Flower and Garden Shows this past spring, bulbs of new Longiflorum-Asiatic crosses were available. For those of you who have received these bulbs, print out the form linked below.

Please mail this completed form to our post office box, with your self-addressed, stamped envelope for the "thank you" coupon. Please do not e-mail photos; we are in a remote area (no DSL or Cable) and our computer will discard incoming files that are too large. E-mailed evaluations will not receive the $5 coupon, you must send us a return envelope.

If you would like to enclose a print of your garden or a especially nice lily image of a named variety (must be identified), please attach your name and address to the print, slide, high quality color photo or computer disk. We accept tiff or Photoshop (preferred)documents and give a $25 gift certificate for any image that we are able to use in our print catalog or website. Jpeg files are OK, but cannot be used in our print catalog.

Be sure to watch your background, natural greenery is best; flat areas of house siding and chain link fence are not as pleasing, but fences, shrubs, brick and open vistas are great. Some of our favorite photos have broken down farm equipment in the distance, so look at balance and try to shoot your photos on an overcast day for best color reproduction. Mail evaluation forms or photos to:

B&D Lilies – Test Bulbs
PO Box 2007
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Mail completed form (by September 30, 2005) with a Self-addressed, Stamped envelope to:

B&D Lilies • PO Box 2007 • Port Townsend, WA • 98368

Garden conditions vary across the USA and it helps to have feedback from all areas on how a new lily performs. As a “Thank You” to help increase our computer database of knowledge, fill in your information at the bottom of this form, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope and we'll send your choice of the gifts listed. (Please do not e-mail lily test data to us or send images over 50k, we have a very slow dial-up connection on the farm. Thank you.)

Name of variety or Test Number:
Describe Color:

Speckles? YES NO … Pollen-free? YES NO … Raised papillae? YES NO …
Fragrance? YES NO … Heavy? YES NO … Strong stem? YES NO …
Interior band of color? YES NO … (Please describe)

Height 1st season____ Number of blooms, 1st season ____

Any additional comments about lily?

My Garden conditions (circle all that apply):

Full Sun... Part Shade/a.m... Part Shade/p.m... Dappled light
Soil: Very sandy... Sandy loam... Part clay... Lots of clay... Amended w/clay base
Fast draining... Sluggish drainage... Light & fluffy... Hard/dry-Slippery/wet
Rainfall: average inches per year for your area _____ Snow? No Yes
Rainfall this year: less than usual... more than usual... flooding... drought
Lilies mulched? YES NO …
Materials used?

Any additional comments about your garden?

Your Contact Information:

Name:BR> Mailing Address:
City _________________________ State ___ Zip __________
Daytime Phone number:

My choice for an evaluation gift is:
__ $5 coupon credit for next mail order or on-line purchase
__ 1/2 price coupon for one bulb package of $10 or less at any of our 2006 Garden Shows
Note: Although we would love your comments on purchase of any of the lilies we sell through our catalogs, at flower shows or on-line, we do need to limit this offer to only one coupon per person, address, or growing season. You must enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope (.37 postage) for us to mail your coupon to you.
2005 Lily Evaluation Form evalform