Lily bulbs from B&D Lilies® are garden tested. Orienpet lily bulbs, Trumpet, Orientals and Asiatic lilies, when planted in spring, will bloom spectacularly this coming summer.

- Billing and Secure Ordering, Changing an Order
- Spring and Fall Delivery Months & Shipping Rates

Billing Information: Our internet store is hosted by Yahoo! Small Business and we use the latest, most sophisticated encryption technology available. To make sure that your credit card and order information are safe with us, data is encrypted through every level of transmission. And all financial transactions are done through a secure server with SSL encryption. Credit card information is automatically deleted after 30 days from our database. Your Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express card is charged by B&D Lilies when we enter the order into our office database computer system, reserving your choices on any variety which may be in short supply at harvest or when the bulbs are removed from storage in spring. Any plant or bulb we cannot supply at harvest is either fully refunded to your card, a substitution is made from your alternate list (replacing that item), or stock of equal or greater value is given if you have authorized us to make choices for you. An automatically generated Order Confirmation is sent to the email address you provided during Checkout, if you see an error (or you do not receive a Confirmation email), please contact us immediately. 360-765-4341 or

Changes and Cancellation of Orders: Changes to your order can be made anytime before we print out your invoice for shipping. However, major cancellation of items by you or cancellation of the entire order, after your order has been reserved and charged by B&D Lilies, will invoke a 12% restocking fee, this fee rises to 20% if your order has been custom dug/propagated for you and/or has passed through our shipping line and is on its way to the post office. Orders cancelled before they have been entered into our system are simply deleted from our database, without any processing fee.


Delivery depends on weather conditions here, and across the USA. Harvest begins mid-September for Asiatic varieties. Trumpets, Orientals, and most species are harvested as soon as individual cultivars have matured, early October most years. If Lilium bulbs are dug before maturity, cell tissue is too soft to store well -- either in our coolers, or throughout the winter in your garden.

Requests from the entire summer are waiting to be filled from the fall harvest. Late blooming varieties take longer to mature and are harvested as soon as possible. Our computer searches for orders that can be completed as inventory arrives in the warehouse. All cartons are filled by hand, and until your package's Insurance I.D. number is recorded on a shipping manifest, we cannot give you an exact delivery date. On any day in late October, there may be nearly a thousand partially filled cartons on the warehouse benches. To search for one delays all the rest, but shipping records are updated each evening.

NORTHERN & MIDWEST States (incl. areas in Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon and the Rockies) are considered PRIORITY areas and we race to deliver your bulbs before the onset of serious winter weather, usually BEGINNING Mid October for orders consisting of the earliest dug varieties. Addresses in coastal Washington and Oregon, California, and the Deep South, receive bulbs by late October or into Early November if you place your order late.


We ship after the bulbs are removed from cold storage, beginning early April for all areas of the USA, when most of the country allows safe transit. Lilies removed from cold storage are conditioned to grow immediately and cannot be held for more than two weeks in our cooler or in your refrigerator before sprouting.

Many of our bulbs are semi-frozen in large blocks of peat. Unless you order an entire case (200+ of the same variety), we cannot "chip out" individual bulbs for earlier delivery. Likewise, we will not hold bulbs for delivery after the first week or so in May, as some varieties insist on sprouting early, and need to be planted immediately.


Rates are based on Priority Mail delivery to postal addresses throughout Mainland USA and Alaska only; we do not ship to Hawaii, US Territories or foreign addresses due to increased fees and regulations.

Package Insurance and our Color Planting Guide are included in all orders. (UPS Air, Federal Express and Post Office Express Mail are available upon request, please inquire for estimated rates.)

Multiple deliveries may incur additional postage charges. If your order is for two different delivery dates (e.g. April and October) Shipping & Insurance will be figured on each separate shipment when your order is transmitted from Yahoo! Shopping to us. Please note that your automatic order confirmation on mixed orders may not reflect the actual shipping cost if multiple deliveries are required. To avoid surprises, note the delivery dates on each item you wish to order, some bulbs will not be available in the spring, others not for fall delivery. Larger orders that include bulbs to be delivered at different times will probably not require any additional postage. The rates per pound for large parcels are lower than for small ones, so if there are many bulbs to be shipped at one time, the cost to you is lower.

B&D Lilies uses 2-3 day Priority Mail to ensure our freshly dug bulbs and plants arrive safely to your door (or Post Office Box) in the most economical manner. All parcels are fully insured against loss, and as a bonus, are also receivable on Saturdays. Rates are based on USPS Postal Zones Rates Charts from Port Townsend, Washington. The Priority Mail system is the most economical method of shipping to you in a timely manner. Sent by "ground" delivery, bulbs may be delayed in transit and the cost is the same for the post office, as your box will need to be manually processed by us, without the speed of our computer system. United Parcel and Fed Ex ground are both more expensive than Priority Mail. If you wish delivery by UPS or Federal Express, we will charge your bankcard for the additional costs of pickup and delivery at time of shipping.


Hybrid Lily bulbs come with our personal guarantee that they are correctly labeled, true-to-name, healthy, and will grow and bloom in your garden when properly planted in a suitable location. Potted bulbs are guaranteed to be true-to-name only, not for failure to grow. (See more info below.) We include planting checklists with all orders, and can help you with even the most difficult locations.

Due to the special growing requirements of species or wild lilies, we do not offer replacement for failure to grow. Although these will thrive under normal circumstances, they do require more care on your part to ensure success, and could take several years to settle into their new home. Lilium Species are guaranteed to be top quality when received, true-to-name, and healthy. Most of our species are started from seed in greenhouses. We also do not guarantee winter survival for lilies planted outside of their recommended USDA Zones. Although lilies will survive in colder areas than recommended with the proper care, Orientals, for example, will not survive a typical St. Paul winter without protection.

What if I have a problem?

If you have any concerns about our bulbs or plants BEFORE planting, notify us immediately with invoice, shipping carton and bulbs and/or plants handy. We do not accept returns for refunds on live plants and bulbs should you have simply changed your mind, only hard goods or other merchandise that can be returned and resold may be sent back for a refund, less a 12% restocking fee for the cost of merchandise only, shipping is not refunded.

Open the shipping box to inspect order promptly upon receipt. If something is wrong, do not wait too long to tell us or certain varieties may be unavailable for replacement. If we have made a mistake or bulbs were damaged during shipping, it will be corrected as quickly as possible. Do not discard any bulbs or plants until after you call us; the condition may be normal for that variety, or we may wish the plants returned for analysis of plant or packing technique. If you need to store your lily bulbs before planting, you must still check to see that your order was received in good condition.

Please note that we cannot be responsible for any bulb or plant loss due to unusual weather conditions. Sudden deep freezes without snow cover or prolonged rainfall resulting in saturated ground can be a challenge to the patience of any gardener. Give your plants a well-drained location and have suitable mulch ready in colder climates. Do not allow competition from aggressive trees, shrubs, ground covers, or creeping grasses. Pre-emergent weed killers are not recommended as formulas can damage lily roots. Before planting, please refer to the Planting Guide packed with your order. Questions you might have that are not covered in the cultural guide can generally be answered by a quick email to us.

If there is a problem during the FIRST summer of growth with our lily BULBS, we need to hear from you as soon as practical, by the end of August following planting. This will give us an opportunity to help you during the current growing season and reserve bulbs from the upcoming harvest if a replacement is necessary. Please note that reporting any problems more than a year after planting will not give us the opportunity to solve any difficulty in planting and we will not be able to make any adjustments.

What about potted lilies?

You MUST insulate containers from rapid freezing and thawing. Although bulbs are perfectly hardy in the garden where soil temperature changes slowly over many hours, unprotected pots can freeze within one hour. Excessive moisture plus subfreezing temperatures are sure death to any containerized plant. You must store your potted lilies above ground and surround containers with fiberglass insulation, sawdust, or hay for the winter. In mild climates place pots into a cold frame or unheated garage. This also satisfies the precooling requirement for greenhouse forcing. Do not bury potted plants directly in the ground. Containers act as catch-basins, excess water does not drain away, and bulbs decompose. In mild climates, winter rains can be more harmful than arctic blasts of Northern regions. If you choose to containerize your bulbs, take the extra time to protect them during winter, keeping in mind that a technique which may succeed one year, may not the next. Our "guarantee to grow" applies to garden-planted bulbs only.

What size bulbs will I receive?

Lily bulb size varies greatly depending on the bulb type (whether Asiatic, Trumpet, Oriental or species), age from seed or scale, where grown (i.e. soil and climate differences), and breeding background. Different species have different characteristics; some are slender "dog-bone" shapes, others are elongated, or round. All lilies develop into larger bulbs when left undisturbed or will divide into several smaller-sized ones. Any bulb which blooms is mature; if it's ten or three inches in circumference, the facts of reproductive life remain the same. Cool summers tend to produce smaller-sized, mature bulbs. Should we feel that a variety is not to a minimum size upon harvest, we replant it for another season's growth. Sometimes, we too make errors; if a hybrid lily bulb doesn't bloom, we would like to hear from you by the end of August at the latest to determine what might have happened.

Larger bulbs tend to produce more flowers, if characteristic for that variety. Some lilies have a low bud count for the relative size of the bulb, yet others can produce three dozen blooms with a smaller size bulb. Occasionally, we may send Exhibition-size™ bulbs in your order at no extra cost to you, but the package may not be marked as such. Please do not think that a very large bulb is a sign that the others are too small, most likely we've dipped into our propagation stock to honor all requests for a variety. Only lily bulbs which are grown for the cut flower market are graded to be the same size, all other varieties are sent as nature provided for that season.

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