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The first snowstorm of October may be a cause for concern if you are planting shrubs or perennials, but do not worry about lily bulbs from B&D Lilies®. Being completely dormant and safely tucked underground, they will not be harmed by the sudden changes in weather. Most areas of the Midwest and Northern Tier States will experience at least one rotation of "Snow - Thaw "- "Snow - Thaw" before winter sets in for good. Early snowfall is usually "soft" and will melt in a few days. If we notice the weather changing during shipping, we hold orders for a few days for the snow to melt.

The warmer period following is an excellent time to do any last minute cleanup, but do not mulch your bulbs yet. Wait until the ground is completely frozen before spreading mulch, or rodents may take up residence under ground, feasting on the hidden storehouse of food you so thoughtfully left them.


(George Weiss of St. Paul, Minn., responds to this frequently asked question for the benefit of anyone who may have doubts about putting bulbs into cold soil.)

"You need not be reluctant to order lily bulbs for fall delivery. Prepare the site(s) around mid-October, digging holes and amending soil as necessary. Then either: (1) Mulch the bed with 6-8 inches of leaves, straw or whatever other material is available, or, (2) Remove soil to the depth at which the bulbs will be planted and store it in a garage (on an inside wall) or your basement. If you have removed the backfilled soil, fill the hole and surrounding area with mulch material. Or, you could put the backfill soil in a plastic bag, set into the hole (with mulch over) and, after planting, emply bagged soil over bulbs. Gor a great number of lilies, it is more practical to store all the backfill, well-mulched, in a pile outside."

"Identify sites with a 3' garden stake tied with flagging tape (found in hardware stores). Use an indelible marker to register the name, number, and source of bulbs to be planted in the holes. When planting the lilies these "flags" will stand out, and you will not have to think (and possibly freeze) deciding where each bulb should go."

"When bulbs arrive, remove mulch and plant. Any snow will help your cause due to its insulating nature. Do not expose bulbs to freezing air any longer than necessary -- organize your bulbs before you go outside."

"Tamp soil to avoid air pockets and place your permanent stake (label). The actual planting is the quickest part, confirming the old adage that nine-tenths of the work is soil preparation. Don't mulch site(s) until soil has frozen over an inch or two. This procedure is totally successful here in Minnesota if followed carefully, and lilies can easily be planted in November."

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