B&D Lilies’ bulbs are AMERICAN-GROWN in the Pacific Northwest, which allows firm, mature bulbs to be harvested in time for safe delivery to you FALL through SPRING to any mailing address in the United States of America. Advantages include: fresher bulbs on a natural cycle, better root systems and taller stems,usually with many more flowers the first year.

Dear Patrons,

Thank you for browsing our site. Our first "catalog" was a single sheet of paper, passed out during the Jefferson County Fair in Port Townsend, Washington, back in 1978.

Much has changed over the last 40 years; little did we know that the purchase of our first three lily bulbs back in 1972, for our home garden would take us to being the largest retail lily catalog in North America, producing two high quality print catalogs per year and maintaining two Web sites. Today, B&D Lilies can be found growing in all of the most prestigious botanical gardens. Our hybrid lilies bulbs can be found growing from high in the Swiss Alps to the Vasusa River Valley of Siberia; from North Pole, Alaska to Miami, Florida; and from Quebec, Canada to San Diego, California.

Times may change, the look may be different, but Customer Service never goes out of style. Phone, e-mail, write, or visit us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.


-Bob & Dianna Gibson, Family & Staff, B&D Lilies

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Bulbs and plants purchased from B&D Lilies come with our personal guarantee that they are true-to-name, healthy, and will grow and bloom in your garden when properly planted in a suitable location.

Due to special growing requirements of some Lilium Species, we do not offer replacement for failure to grow, as many will take an additional year or two of underground growth before even putting up a flowering stem. L. superbum is such a lily, putting up a tiny stem the first or second season is not uncommon, so be patient. On the other hand, L. regale can be treated like any other Trumpet lily.

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