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Brown leaves on lilies - Botrytis Blight (Fungus)
A weather-related difficulty, not permanent, but will disfigure the plants in the current growing season. Sometimes flowers will not open properly, with one or more "missing" petals, smaller than normal petals or odd shapes to the flowers.
The first snowstorm of October may be a cause for concern if you are planting shrubs or perennials, but do not worry about lily bulbs from B&D Lilies®. Being completely dormant and safely tucked underground, they will not be harmed by the sudden changes in weather.
Rorippa sylvestris - Noxious, imported weed.
Weed Alert!
Check your garden now, this one spreads like wildfire.
For a Fantastic Lily Garden next Summer!
Sensible information from our "Timely Tips" Newsletters. Learn what to do at the end of summer, plus much more.
Odd and sudden rotting of the crown is usually caused by a group of water mold fungi and can happen during wet and cold springs.
Although B&D Lilies is in the rainy Northwest and there are no Red Lily Beetles reported in our region of Washington State (Olympic Peninsula) or throughout most of the USA, we have been asking our customers in the New England States (where the beetle is found) about their favorite methods of dealing with this relatively new pest. They share that control of the beetle is not expensive, nor requires massive amounts of pesticides or even an overhaul of the garden, but rather common sense, diligence and a little hands and knees work.
Wild Lilies - Knowledge Base on the Lilium Species

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