Fast & Easy Lily™ Collection - 9 Bulbs

Fast & Easy Lily™ Collection - 9 Bulbs
Fast & Easy Lily™ Collection - 9 Bulbs
Item# FE9

Lily Bulb Description

This is not to be taken as a descriptive judgment of the moral character of these lilies, but rather a simplistic description of their growth habits. They are “Fast” in that they are the first to come up and bloom each season, and they are “Easy” in that these are the most forgiving when it comes to neglect. Well suited for growth in Zones 3 to 10 we have customers in Zone 1, North Pole, Alaska that find the Asiatic types to be great little “garden troopers”. Though pure Asiatics are not fragrant, they do produce the greatest variation in color, spotting patterns and flower form. This collection also includes our two most popular Easter x Asiatic (Red Alert and Kentucky) crosses which do carry a light fragrance.

Now, we are not saying that if you have a spot in your yard/garden that won’t even grow rocks that these are the answer, but with care, their will to live is unsurpassed in the lily world in those difficult spots we all seem to have. Be sure they have the moisture they need and do feed them and they will do all they can to find a way to please you in late May into the month of June.

FE9 Collection contains Nine (9) bulbs, one bulb of each variety listed below. We reserve the right to substitute with another white lily, should a variety sell out early. Collections are made up of the following varieties:

Belo Horizonte – Asiatic, 2010 Introduction
Kentucky – Easter x Asiatic, Fragrant
Dot Com – Asiatic
Red Alert – Easter x Asiatic, Fragrant
Sun Valley – Asiatic 2010 Introduction
Tiny Todd – Dwarf Asiatic
Strawberry Cream – Asiatic
Orange Valley – Asiatic 2010 Introduction
Music Art - Asiatic

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