Spring 2008 Closeout - 39 bulbs for only $99 plus $8.95 shipping

SPRING 2008  - Closeout Special
SPRING 2008 - Closeout Special
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Lily Bulb Description

Plant this Spring... Bloom this Summer!

Our mail order department is now nearly caught up on shipping and the computer projects a small surplus of bulbs this spring in the cooler. Bob and Dianna have four more flower shows/sales to attend on the west coast, but since not all of our customers have the opportunity to go to these local plant sales, we are putting together a group of special "Grab Bags" composed entirely of 3-packs (3 bulbs per bag, individually labeled) at a special price for our more long distance customers. Of course, those who have already picked up lily bulbs at one of the western shows are welcome to order these collections too. The final choice of varieties is our selection, but each collection includes:

2 different ASIATICS (6 bulbs total) June/July bloom

3 different purebred TRUMPETS (9 bulbs total) July bloom

4 different ORIENTAL-TRUMPET (Orienpets) Hybrids (12 bulb total) July/August bloom

4 different purebred ORIENTALS (12 bulbs total) July/August bloom

Each Grab Bag Collection is for 39 bulbs, three of each variety, all neatly labeled. Collections will vary somewhat from each other, but if you would like "matching" collections, in order to plant a group of 6 of each cultivar, please order 2 collections, and during checkout, in the box for "Comments", ask for MATCHING SETS and we will come as close as possible to fill your request.

These are all the same size and quality bulbs you have come to expect from B&D Lilies, none are "leftovers", just varieties in too few numbers to plant back into our field. Our crop for this coming fall and spring was put down two years ago, so these are not needed for propagation.

Catalog price for each collection is a minimum value of $200, but some undoubtedly will be in the $220 to $250 range, depending on the varieties.

Delivery costs for each collection is only $8.95 to all areas, with shipping beginning on April 30th. Plant as soon as possible after arrival, bulbs will bloom about 3 weeks later than usual this summer only, but will reset themselves in 2009 for their normal bloom cycle.

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