'Majestic' - Aurelian/Trumpet Hybrid Lily

'Majestic'   - Aurelian / Trumpet Hybrid Lily Bulb
'Majestic' - Aurelian / Trumpet Hybrid Lily Bulb
Item# L6566

Lily Bulb Description

Classification: Trumpet/Aurelian Hybrid Lily Bulb (USDA Zones 5-10, colder climates w/winter mulch)

Stock # 6566 - 'Majestic' - Aurelian/Trumpet Lily Bulb

From the breeding work of Johan Mak of Scio, Oregon, we have been watching this Aurelian Hybrid Lily Bulb for years as its numbers were built up to commercial quantities. It reminds us of L. henryi, L. leucanthum var. centifolium (Black Dragon) and others, truly is a mix of the best of the best. The flower base color is pure white and blends to the mango yellow tones characteristic of hybrids of L. henryi in the throat. The reverse sides of the petals carry the characteristic deeply colored greenish-bronze markings of ‘Black Dragon’. Being an aurelian hybrid, these flowers are more open than the typical Chinese trumpet form and carry a light and lingering fragrance. 3 Feet. July Bloom.

Bulb Size - Our standard for bulbs of this Aurelian Hybrid Lily Bulb cultivar ranges from Premium-size" (16/18 cm) to Exhibition-size" (over 20 cm). Click here for details.

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