'Lilium superbum' (Lilium) - Wild species, grown in captivity.

'Lilium superbum (Package of 3 Bulbs)'
'Lilium superbum (Package of 3 Bulbs)'
Item# L8012_3pkg

Lily Bulb Description

Classification: Lilium species (USDA Zones 5-9, the colder climates of this range must provide winter mulching.)

(Eastern USA) The "American Turk's Cap" or "Swamp Lily" grows in moist meadows and woodlands in nature. Many bright orange, heavily spotted flowers darken with red-orange tips when blooms mature. Easy to grow in slightly damp garden locations, established bulbs of L. superbum can grow 6-8 feet tall. The "monster" in the photo being tagged was 9 ft. 8 inches. July.

Bulbs of this lovely species are brittle; to safely package and transport them, 3 slender, "dogbone-shaped" bulbs, 1-3 inches in length, or larger individual "daughter bulbs" (depending on harvest availability) are in each package. (Usually will not bloom the first season after planting. Most bulbs will require at least 12 months of "settling-in" after transplanting. Our guarantee is "true to name only", not for failure to grow, as this lily requires more exacting conditions.

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