'L. catesbaei' (Lilium)

Lily Bulb - 'L. catesbaei'
Lily Bulb - 'L. catesbaei'
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Lily Bulb Description

Growing in coniferous marsh lands of Florida and Louisiana, parts of Alabama and Mississippi, this is the most unique of all the North American natives. The erect, narrow-petal, upward facing flowers of Lilium catesbaei are red blending to yellow at the base. A difficult subject, if seed can be obtained, it is best to grow it in pots containing a constantly wet mixture of sand and peat moss. Best results come from using pots that sit in a shallow pan of water. For those foolish enough to track this lily in the wild, carry your snake bite kit. Water moccasins' do not take kindly to their habitat being invaded.

We tried unsuccessfully for several years to flower Lilium catesbaei from a bulb that we had tissue cultured. It is probably the most difficult of all of the American species. Photo origin unknown.

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