'L. kelloggii' (Lilium)

Lily Bulb - 'L. kelloggii'
Lily Bulb - 'L. kelloggii'
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Lily Bulb Description

Lily Bulb - 'L. kelloggii'
A very fragrant and delightful Northern California native, Lilium kelloggii is a heavy bloomer in its natural setting. The spotted, Turk's Cap flowers are light pink with a golden band in the center of the petals. The reverse of each petal is a darker shading of pink. A dry land lily, it is difficult in cultivation and best left for Mother Nature to grow. We had given up on a seed tray after the second spring and set it out on the "dump" pile. The following year when the tray was to be recycled for another planting of seed, there were hundreds of little Lilium kelloggii seedlings. Our conclusion was that they had not frozen hard enough their first winter. The close up photo of Lilium kelloggii is one of the flowers produced four years after that germination.

Jan de Graaff used Lilium kelloggii extensively in breeding, and one of the finest of these hybrids is 'Robin'. One of our overall favorites, we once "discovered" a magnificent colony of Lilium kelloggii behind the post office in a small Northern California community. The postmaster, needless to say, was very possessive of that little stand of lilies.

Photo inset is close up of 'Robin', a Division 4 (West Coast Native) hybrid.

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