"Moon Garden" Lily bulb Collection™ - 6 bulbs

'Moon Garden'  Lily bulb Collection™ - 6 bulbs
'Moon Garden' Lily bulb Collection™ - 6 bulbs
Item# MG6

Lily Bulb Description

Shimmering, silvery white lilies are extra-special planted near evening patio areas. Enjoy their illuminating presence and fragrance in your outdoor living space. Height varies, depending on the individual cultivar, but all bulbs are the same size and quality as those individually offered. All bulbs are packed and labeled with name, height and bloom time.

MG-6 Collection contains SIX bulbs, one bulb of each variety listed below, June to August bloom, Fragrant. Save $5.45 over individual, single pack purchases. We reserve the right to substitute with another white lily, should a variety sell out early. Click on individual photos for more information on that particular variety.

Collections are made up of the following varieties:

Hacienda - Orienpet
Casablanca - Oriental
Eyeliner - Easter x Asiatic Hybrid
Millesimo - Oriental
Garden Angel - Oriental
Timaru - Easter x Asiatic

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