Spring to Fall™ Lily Bulb Collection - Baker's Dozen

Spring to Fall™ Lily Bulb Collection - Baker's Dozen
Spring to Fall™ Lily Bulb Collection - Baker's Dozen
Item# SF1

Lily Bulb Description

This is a special collection covering the entire range of spring to late summer bloom. Collection SF-13 consists of 1 bulb each from the following list. Collection SF36 consists of 3 bulbs each. We reserve the right to replace any varietie(s) that might sell out early with a selection from the same lily classification. ie Asiatic for Asiatic, Oriental for Oriental, etc. SAVE $8.95 ON COLLECTION OF 13 BULBS, OR, SAVE $39.70 ON COLLECTION OF 39 BULBS.

Collections are made up of the following varieties:

Tiny Orange Sensation
Strawberry Cream
Crystal Blanca
Rio Negro
Trumpet Seedling
and last-to-bloom, L. speciosum var. Album

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