2010 Northwest Flower & Garden Show

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Flower Show Info
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Every year customers begin calling in January to ask, “What are you taking to The Show?” Usually we have not made our final decision until the week before loading the truck, but this year we grew and specifically set aside the varieties shown below for the 2010 Northwest Flower & Garden Show. As our harvest continues through the month of January, we will be adding a few more selections. Later shows are impossible to predict the varieties to be taken, so either order early from this website or attend one of the earliest flower shows.

At the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, B&D Lilies is the only company that offers lilies grown exclusively here in the Northwest. Unlike others that advertise “grower direct” and then offer you bulbs from Dutch brokers specializing in greenhouse forcing varieties, B&D Lilies brings garden tested Northwest Grown bulbs, chosen specifically for their superior performance in our Northwest gardens.

For 2010, you will find us just as you enter the plant market in the North Hall of the Washington State Convention Center. The huge 800 sq. ft. island within the Plant Market will display a fantastic selection of our lilies available for spring 2010 planting. Along with the largest selections of bulbs we have ever offered at any show, look for garden gems from Dianna’s personal collection, including cultivars of ‘Eucomis’ (Pineapple Lily), her Purple Poppy Seeds and uncommon tropical bulbs from a nurseryman friend in Mexico.

Dianna will also have an expanded selection of her ‘Sunscreen' Garden Hats in all colors and styles. Selling out early last year, these hats protect you from ultra-violet radiation, plus are quite fashionable. You will also find an expanded selection of her hand made fashion hats.

By clicking on an individual photo below, you will be taken to our regular web page for more information on that lily. Here is your chance to compile your shopping list in advance of visiting our display at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. Attend the show and have your bulbs much earlier than we are able to safely mail them across the USA. Discount coupons for selected show items are available in advance, just ask and we'll pop a copy in the mail for you.

'Acapulco' - Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb'Aprilia' - Oriental Lily Bulb'Angela'  - Double Oriental Hybrid'Baywatch' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily Bulb'Pink Palace' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily Bulb
'Sweet Zanica' - Fragrant Easter x Asiatic Lily'Candy Club ' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily'Yellow Hornet' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily'Coastline'  - Fragrant Asiatic Lily Bulb'Conca d' Or' - Orienpet Hybrid
'Crystal Blanca' - Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb'Dizzy' - Oriental Lily Bulb'Dot Com' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb'Eudoxia' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily Bulb'Eyeliner' - Fragrant Easter x Asiatic Hybrid Lily
'Cherry Splash' - Oriental Hybrid'Gerez' - Orienpet Lily Bulb'Garden Angel' - Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb'Garden Treasure' Orienpet Lily Bulb'Graffity' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb
'Elusive - Orienpet Hybrid Lily Bulb'Kentucky' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb (Fragrant)L. pardalinum - Bags of 1 Bulb'Lilium spec. var. Album'  (3 bulbs)'Landini' - Asiatic Lily Bulb
'Latvia Promise' (Asiatic Hybrid)'Tollo' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily Bulb'Miss Lucy' - Double Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb'Mondriaan' - Oriental Hybrid Lily BulbMuscadette
'Music Art' -Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb (Tango) Bastogne'Netty's Pride' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb 'Nymph' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily Bulb'Orange Art' -Tango Asiatic Lily Bulb
'Ormea' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily'Purple Prince' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily'Pookie' - Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb'Pearl Justien'  - Asiatic Hybrid LilyRed Alert' - Scented Asiatic Lily Bulb
'Rio Blanca'  (Oriental Lily)'Rio Negro' - Oriental Hybrid Lily BulbPrecious Love - J. Mak Orienpet™'Rodin' - Scented Asiatic Lily Bulb'Salmon Star' - Oriental Hybrid Lily
'Satisfaction' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily Bulb'Socrates' (Orienpet lily)'Sorbonne' - Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb'Mr. Sandman' - Orienpet Hybrid LilyStarfighter
'Mero Star' - Oriental Hybrid Lily'Sumatra' - Oriental Hybrid Lily BulbPatricia - Double Oriental Hybrid Lily'Sweetheart' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily'Tamburo' - Scented Asiatic Lily Bulb
'Tigerplay' - Asiatic Lily BulbMojave Sunrise - J. Mak Oriental™'Tropical Breeze'  - Fragrant Asiatic Hybrid'Vice Versa' - Orienpet Lily Bulb

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