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Lily Bulb Description

Any bulb which blooms is "mature."

These are the backbone of a commercial lily field; bulb size is 12 to 14 cm in circumference, about the size of a walnut in the shell. If planted very early in the spring, a small portion of Oriental bulbs will be large enough in size by the Mid October harvest to make B&D Lilies’ Premium-size™, but most need to be left for another season of growth.

Most Asiatic bulbs in this grade of “small commercial” will be mature enough for 3 to 4 flowers when planted in the garden. B & D Lilies does not offer Orientals in this size as they are usually too small to produce more than one flower. Many catalogers refer to this size as being "Top" and is the most commonly found size of bulbs found in grocery and box stores, sprouting and dehydrated.

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