"Wild" lilies, grown in captivity

• Species Lilies
The forerunner of all of today's modern hybrids, Lilium species can be found in diverse areas, from sandy beaches of Japan or mountain ranges of China, to swampy bog areas of the eastern USA. We offer the most commonly grown species, easily adaptable to your garden.

Most are grown the same as any other hybrid lily, with only a slight variance of soil or watering requirement. Special needs are indicated within the descriptions.

Guarantee of difficult types: All of our bulbs have been propagated from seed or by division in commercial nursery beds. Although some species can take up to seven years to flower from seed, if you pay careful attention to their natural wild habitat, ideal conditions can be duplicated at home for sucess with even the most difficult types. Because of the varying individual requirements of certain species offered from time to time, those are guaranteed true-to-name only, not for failure to grow and are marked as "difficult".

Please note: Species lily propagation is not as precise as for hybrid lilies and only a few selections may be offered each shipping season. During the month of June we will be digging samples of our species and evaluating them for size and condition at which time we will be uploading order buttons for those we feel confident will meet our requirements for harvest.

'Kushi Maya' - Species x Oriental Lily
Lily Species x White Oriental Lily. Yellow lime green, purpleish center, 3+ Feet. July Bloom. Scented.
'Kushi Maya' - Species x Oriental Lily L8056
'L. auratum' - Species(Wild) Lily Bulb
Species (Wild) Lily White/gold band,
4 to 6 Feet, July Flowering, Fragrant.
'L. auratum' - Species(Wild) Lily Bulb L8002
'L. regale album' - Species or Wild Lily
Species (Wild Lily). White, 3 to 4 Feet, Early July, Very Fragrant.
$6.95, 3/ $19.85, 6/ $37.70
'L. regale album' - Species or Wild Lily L8102
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'L. regale' - Species (Wild) Lily
Species (Wild) Lily. White, 3 to 6 Feet, Late July, Very Fragrant.
'L. regale' - Species (Wild) Lily L8013
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L. speciosum Uchida
Lily Species (wild lily) Pink/white, 3 to 4 Feet, August / September Flowering. Fragrant.
L. speciosum Uchida L8018
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